Sunday, 18 January 2015


New things on the my moodboard table. Love the mood...

Indian candle holder from Aarde Werelds Wonen shop, Amsterdam and Love Warriors body scrub bottles.

Friday, 16 January 2015


Here we go, again... my website is down.

In last October I had to update my website host package, because monthly bandwidth limits goes 2-3 times full and my website was down until 1st day of upcoming month. And when normal host include 50GB bandwidth, I had already 100GB. And from this I updated it to 200GB.

And now we are here again. My 200GB Bandwidth limit is full for the January. I can't estimate how many visitors will visit on my website every month, so now I'm gonna do bigger changes - new service from somewhere else, without bandwidth limits.

And it's mean also that MY NEW WEBSITE is coming! I already know what  kind of ones. New year, new things ;)

I'm made this photo for Weranna's, and just today I just would love to laying on it...until 1st of February.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Here it is, my very first fashion photoshoot with lookbook! Yay!

We made 2 shoots with BY PIA'S on last November here in Amsterdam at Studio13. One for linen home textiles and one for linen fashion. We used our home textile styling as background for the linen fashion shoot. And we had so fun! So fun that I'm ready to start do these more - combine interior and fashion shoots, both! Thank you Pia, Maarit and Johanna!Our model was Johanna K Alvestad from Kalastajan vaimo blog, she came from Norway.

The lookbook fashion is  now on pre sales first for BY PIA'S VIP clients and opening for everyoe 1st of February with updated shoping links.

You can find BY PIA'S stand from ongoing Formex fair in Sweden! If you are there, go  to say hello :)


Some months ago Style Files blogger and Le Souk webshop owner Danielle de Lange invited me to visit at her home with my camera. She was styled everything for ready and I did photos. This amazing renovated home is originally old Dutch farm shelter and you will can find sign of that on the hall wall hook, for example. Check this living room, bathroom...just wholeness, WOW!

Danielle is made Home Tour of her home to her Style Files blog where you can see some more spaces as outdoor photos too. Check also her webshop Le Souk!


These photos and many others from my By Pia's photoshoot are now on my Pinterest page.
More will be coming soon ;)