Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I'm doing here a lookbook for By Pia's linen textiles by my made styling and photos. The first one is about Home textiles, can't wait to share it!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


My FB friend from Greece sent me the message with photo of one page of some Greece magazine.
Advertising of NEF-NEF homeware. This one:

And here is my made photo. I'm styled and photographed this to Couleur Locale brand.

We everyone are inspired by Pinterest photos (other photos), but the idea is making something new, something BETTER with those few ideas by new combinations. NOT trying to copycat. Or you can try, but it's never exactly same good/brilliant as originally one. 

I think most stupid thing is, that if this Photographer and Stylist think that they are done something amazing. Wrong. For me and I believe that for many others eyes it telling only lack of the Stylist's talent and lack of Photographer's talent. Or can we even talk about talent?

For me these persons can't do anything very own as use their client bed with textiles and copy all items POSITIONS almost the same way. It's been might difficult to find exactly same products to this photoshoot, so the solution it's been find products with about same shape and size. Or they tough that it's not look so much copycat if they choose and use different products. Why then to use similar location if the idea is not try to copycat? Why not to do something very own? That's my question.

I think also that they are over paid from the company side - they didn't made their job in originally way. I did it. Or is this photo made by workers from the NEF-NEF company?

Can I really know is that a real photo? Or half of it? Maybe it's 3D photo. Should we then call this 3D artist as talent? Do 3D artist need own ideas, own taste, own style or is it ok copycat photographer's photo and make a money by this way? 

And how about this NEF-NEF company image now? Do they care that one of their advertising photo is copycat version? Do they also copy all products from others business?

Who knows? 

Saturday, 8 November 2014


On the past week I had 2 days photoshoot for the By Pia's linen fashion and home textiles at Studio13 here in Amsterdam. It was all about the linen. We shot home textiles on the first day after we builded up bedroom and bathroom areas and on the 2nd day we set our fantastic model Johanna from Kalastajanvaimo blog to our interior setting with By Pia's linen fashion. There is coming a lookbook too - can't wait to start working with it on next week!

Super thanks to By Pia's team - Pia, Maarit & Johannan - without all of you all we don't have now these awesome photos! I really enjoyed! And hey, this was my very first fashion photoshoot too!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I made a styling and photoshoot for Designer Tuuli Haapio's WHITE FIELDS collection for the bedding textile brand Blanc here in Amsterdam. On the photoshoot day Tuuli was a part of the team with her boyfriend Floris Beijersbergen who made an amazing Behind The Scenes video of that photoshoot day. Thanks so much Tuuli and Floris!

Here you can see the video and some final photos, Tuuli also made a lookbook for this her guest designer collection.

Monday, 27 October 2014


On the beginning of September a Dutch TV program EIGENHUIS EN TUIN went at my home and now when it's came out from the TV, it's available to see on their website too, scroll to end of the page and video is there ;)